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Welcome to Treasure Tree

The Treasure Tree team of highly skilled craftsmen create high quality, utterly gorgeous glass Christmas decorations and candle holders. Each and every piece is unique: hand-blown and then hand-painted. Our current Treasure Tree collection offers a wide range of beautiful baubles, stars, hearts and candle holders. Whether your Christmas decorating style is warm and traditional, colourful and eclectic or more silver and understated, there is sure to be a Treasure Tree decoration which is just perfect for your home.

The Treasure Tree team spends almost 365 days a year thinking about, designing and making the most beautiful, handmade glass Christmas decorations. The quality of our glass products is truly superb. Because each and every one has been hand-blown and then hand-painted, they are all, in their own slightly different way, unique. That is their charm.

As well as focusing on the quality of our products, we understand just how much people value and cherish their Christmas decorations. It may sound slightly corny but they are one of life's simple pleasures, they always make you smile. When you bring down the box of Christmas decorations from the attic and start to decorate the tree, everyone involved has a particular memory for that decoration: what year you bought it, who gave it to you or what happened that Christmas. We simply want to add a little bit of our own Treasure Tree magic to your collection by creating beautiful, long-lasting, high quality yet affordable decorations that will make your home look stunning every Christmas for years to come.

We really hope that you enjoy looking at and choosing from our current range of designs. Whether you select a "perfect one" for your own tree or another as a unique, special gift for a friend, we hope, within your family, it will be treasured forever.

The Treasure Tree team wishes you all a fabulous and Merry Christmas.

Stay In Touch

As soon as Christmas is over, the Treasure Tree team starts to think about "next Christmas" and begins the process of creating new decoration designs.

In 2016, we hope to introduce many new products. To stay in touch with Treasure Tree and hear all of our latest news, you can now follow us on Facebook.

About Treasure Tree: How we started

For many years, Jane and her family lived in the Middle East. In that time, somewhat accidentally (it is a long story!), she became known as "The Ball Lady" selling handmade glass Christmas decorations to the ex-pat community. Jane loved her little business and really enjoyed talking to her customers who were always keen to tell her about their own Christmas customs "back home". It was fabulous, hands-on worldwide consumer research. As sales took off, Jane quickly realised  that people from all over the world really loved her products. In 2011, when the family returned to the UK, Jane launched Treasure Tree Ltd. Although the business has grown, Jane and the entire team still like to "think small" and focus on giving their customers exactly what they want.